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Fulcrum Steam Fired Water Heaters


Developed With Over 20 Years of Engineering Working Knowledge

Thermal Leverage is a new company with deep roots in heat exchanger design with forward looking engineering and innovation. The Thermal Leverage TL advantage is just that, superior engineering design paired with the highest-grade materials manufactured, tested and stamped to ASME code standards is your answer to satisfying today's most demanding domestic hot water supply applications.

MEP Engineers, plumbing contractors and building owners who require high-capacity and accurate domestic hot water heating in a reduced area will benefit from this upgraded long lasting TL design. The solid all 316 stainless steel shell paired with the welded flanged stainless steel interconnecting recirculation pump assembly minimizes threaded connections along with the chances of leaks.

Single or double wall tube construction copper or 90/10 cupronickel and 316 stainless steel tubing. The PI control panel is securely wired with reliable electronic thermocouples that modulate the motorized fail closed (spring return) control valve to insure light water temperature control.

Perfect for new or retrofit installs, Thermal Leverage uses a controllable 4:1 ratio water to steam U tube heat exchanger in conjunction with a feed forward inlet temperature sensing thermocouple and a feedback sensing thermocouple to solve for the optimal control valve position based upon actual hot water demand conditions.

Compatible with the Following:

  • Single Phase 110V/60Hz
  • 5-50 PSIG Building Steam Supply
  • 160oF-390oF Boiler Water
  • Low Flow up to 250 GPM
  • 150 PSIG Design Pressure STD
  • 300 PSIG Design Pressure Optional
  • Single and Duplex Installations




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