Case Studies for Thermal Leverage

Case Studies

Case Study 1 | May 2023

It's friday night and you’re looking forward to the weekend. The phone rings and it's your rep calling saying one of his accounts is without domestic hot water because some contractor unknowingly demolished the steam fired domestic hot water heater supplying 150 apartments in a NYC building.

The TL team immediately starts working on a temporary solution to get the building back online with their domestic hot water supply. We mobilize on Saturday morning with our subsidiary company and temporarily install a steam fired water heater in the underground garage of the building by lunchtime.

TL follows up with a plan to install a new in stock TLSW 10 steam fired water heater and pipe it into the mechanical room where the original unit was located.

TL submittals were then reviewed and approved by owners engineer. The water heater was subsequently factory tested and delivered to the site for piping and electric hook-up. This project with start-up and site training was completed in less than 5 weeks after the initial call. Customer satisfied.