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Thermal Leverage was formed by bringing experienced thermal/mechanical design engineering together with proven field installation and service experience.


Thermal Leverage’s engineering know-how was forged in the aerospace flight control industry working on planes like the NASA space shuttle, F16, F22 and B2 bomber. This is where we first learned the need for cutting edge engineering, precise manufacturing, and strict adherence to quality control standards.

We are constantly improving our current designs and also developing new products for hospitals, universities, hotels and large apartment complexes.

Thermal Leverage is expanding its manufacturer's representative network to offer TL products nationwide.

Thermal Leverage offers thermal solutions that utilize the following products:

  • Shell and Tube Heat exchanger design Industrial and Commercial sectors
  • Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger design
  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger design
  • Domestic Water Storage
  • Domestic Water Mixing/Tempering
  • Tri Fuel Electric Boilers
  • Clean Steam Generation